OS X: Image Capture opens when you plug in your iPhone

2011.11.22 | iOS, OS X | , , , , , ,

Options for Image CaptureWant to stop Image Capture from opening every time you plug your iPhone, iPod, or iPad in, and perhaps have iTunes open instead?  At some point in the recent past I must have accidentally set this option, but having not intentionally done so, I couldn’t recall how to set the default back to iTunes.

To disable Image Capture: With the device plugged in via USB, open Image Capture.  In the bottom left corner of the main application area, you should see the name if your iDevice and the text “Connecting this iPhone opens:” followed by a dropdown.  Click No Application.

To make iTunes open when you plug in your device: Open iTunes with your iPhone/iPad/iPod connected.  Select your device under Devices in the left column.  In the main window, scroll down to Options.  Check “Open iTunes when this iPhone is connected.

  • PizzaApe

    Thanks for this… i couldn’t find the setting. My entire machine would freeze for a good minute when i was trying to recharge my phone, super annoying.

    • captainreaction

      It is super annoying because it is a mac. I work for apple support and I use pc 😀

      • sillyyou

        Silly you. I work as a professional servicing clients using mostly Windows and do it exclusively from a Mac. The Mac is sometimes annoying, but Windows is definitely orders of magnitude more annoying.

        • Ivar A. Aasen


  • Ivar A. Aasen

    Thank you very much for this tip!